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Greg Norman, the internationally renowned “Great White Shark,” is arguably the most successful athlete-turned-businessman in the world. Known as much for his entrepreneurial spirit in the boardroom as his dominance on the golf course, Greg Norman always brings his A-game.

Having received numerous distinctions in the golfing community, Greg has won more than 90 tournaments worldwide, including two Open Championships, and held his No. 1 position in the world golf rankings for 331 weeks, the second-longest reign in history. For all of his on-course achievements, Greg was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in October 2001.

While Greg’s well documented accomplishments on the golf course have assured his place in sporting history, his sound business acumen established him as a world-class entrepreneur. As chairman and CEO of the Greg Norman Company, Greg transcends the game of golf with over a dozen companies around the world bearing his name and the iconic shark logo. His internationally recognized brand boasts more than 100 golf course designs across six continents, a global real estate collection, a diverse investment division, golf-inspired lifestyle apparel and of course, an award-winning wine brand, Greg Norman Estates.

Just as business interests keep Greg Norman busy, so do his passions. Growing up surfing and diving with sharks in Australia, or his many life adventures along the way, Greg stays authentic to his roots. Greg loves spending time outdoors and embraces the journey. In addition to fishing, scuba diving, and the pursuit of almost every outdoor activity under the sun, Greg Norman is the ultimate pioneer, always setting out to Attack Life