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Bruce Hamilton

News Anchor,


Bruce Hamilton is a 4 time Emmy award winning television journalist and has more than a dozen Emmy nominations to his credit.
Bruce anchors the #1 rated news and interview program in NE Florida and has the unique ability and talent to effectively navigate and use, to their optimum potential, traditional broadcast media, digital media and social media. This allows this seasoned communicator to maximize his reach and ensure the information he delivers reaches the widest and most relevant audience possible. His community involvement and vast network provide him with unique avenues to communicate.
In addition to his Emmy awards, the Associated Press, Central Florida Press Club and other journalistic, civil and religious institutions have honored Bruce for his outstanding reporting and community service. He has also received the industry’s prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award.
Along the way, Bruce has engaged in exclusive White House interviews with Presidents Bush and Clinton, as well as conducted one-on-one interviews with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. Hamilton has covered major political races and numerous Democratic and Republican National Conventions. This enterprising journalist has reported from breaking news spots around the world; covered numerous space shuttle launches and landings; and even flown with the Navy’s elite Blue Angels and trained and flown with FA 18 Hornet pilots. He was the first American journalist to report from the Soviet nuclear submarine base in Murmansk, Russia. And gained unprecedented access to interviews and locations on the Guantanamo Bay Prison site housing high profile international terrorists.
Known for his deft interviewing skills, he asks questions others dare not broach and makes sure his viewers have the answers they need. Consequently, they were equipped to safely navigate the coronavirus pandemic and were able to make educated choices when they went to the polls during a very acrimonious presidential election in 2020 that was fraught with falsehoods and disinformation. All the while Bruce maintained journalistic objectivity and protected the integrity of the information he conveys to the audience that places it’s trust in him.
The readers of a number of local newspapers and magazines repeatedly vote Bruce as the “Best News Anchor” in Jacksonville.
While happy to be living his dream in the world of broadcasting, and known for his ability to bring context, perspective and focus to the news, Bruce is most proud of his four sons, Jeff, Steve, Greg and Tim and daughter Emily. He and his wife Christy also have two 4-legged kids, Carly and Chloe.