St. Augustine, Florida
May 7-11, 2025

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Derrick Hagerty

Executive Chef,

River and Fort

Derrick Haggerty, with humble beginnings in the culinary world, has quietly made his mark as an Executive Chef, bringing his nuanced touch to kitchens across the nation. Throughout his nearly three-decade career, Derrick has honed his skills not only as a chef but also as a shrewd business mind, carefully attending to the finer points of restaurant operations. His journey began modestly in 1994 in Orlando, Florida, and since then, he has navigated the culinary landscape with grace and precision. From his days in respected Michelin-rated establishments in Chicago to overseeing multiple ventures both locally and nationally, Derrick’s leadership and culinary finesse have left a lasting impact.

While Derrick’s achievements are noteworthy, he remains grounded, always seeking opportunities to give back to his community. He actively supports causes such as March of Dimes, V for Victory, Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America, and mentors’ youth facing challenges, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to his family. Derrick’s dedication to his craft and his community serves as an inspiration to chefs and entrepreneurs all around, reminding us all that true success is measured not only by accolades but by the positive impact we make on those around us.