St. Augustine, Florida
May 7-11, 2025

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Norberto Jaramillo

Executive Chef/Owner,

La Cocina International Restaurant

Norberto Jaramillo Executive Chef: Restaurants: La Cocina International, De Leon Latin Cocina, La Cocina Bistro, and Catering, VITA: a healthy lifestyle Norberto is deeply involved in conceiving new menus that emphasize local and sustainable ingredients with a technique-based approach. You can enjoy these menus in various kitchens, like the vibrant, hyper-seasonal menu he celebrates at La Cocina International, a small boutique restaurant within the Castillo Real hotel. He also returns to his roots at De Leon Latin Cocina, where you can savor the best of Colombian cuisine on the first coast, focusing on locality and paying tribute to the generosity of farms, fisheries, and artisans in North Florida. Norberto recently opened La Cocina Bistro and Catering, the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch, offering the finest combination of locally grown and made products, used in the menu and available for purchase in the small market next to the Colombian bakery on-site. Additionally, he and his team can cater for all occasions. As an addition, Norberto also prepares healthy meal preparations delivered to his customers every Sunday to help them with their daily routine while maintaining their health with a gluten and dairy-free menu. Since Norberto moved to St. Augustine, he began building relationships with local markets and farms throughout North Florida, leading to a variety of environments and menus. The idea of brotherhood, instilled in him by his own family, is one he has taken literally, mentoring many chefs under his guidance, including locally acclaimed chefs and some who have gone on to achieve international awards. In his free time, Norberto loves to share a meal with his family. Most of the time, his wife and children do the cooking. He also takes pride in giving back to the community, working on charitable efforts, and joining other culinary leaders in collaborative organizations.