St. Augustine, Florida
May 7-11, 2025

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Tony Scozzaro


Originally from Buffalo, New York, St. Augustine’s Tony Scozzaro is easily one of the most prominent guitarists in Northeast Florida. Having studied music at Villa Marie College in New York, Tony gained a knack for both his instrument and for teaching music. From his fingerstyle ragtime rolls to his incomparable jazz swing compositions and nasty blues licks, Tony is a master of the guitar who leaves no genre unknown. A renowned and esteemed studio musician, Tony weaves every style of genre and technique into the threads of his live performances, creating a massively impressive body of original work as well as cover song favorites. Performing an array of styles, Tony features jazz, swing jazz, traditional jazz, ragtime, blues, classic rock, rock and roll, soul, funk, pop, folk, and even rhythm and blues in a live setting.

Clearly comfortable and confident in front of any type of crowd, Tony takes to the stage for one reason only – the love of showcasing his instrument’s capabilities. As a prominent music instructor, Tony has been featured in a new product release video for Lashbrook electric guitars. In addition to teaching, Tony is also a prominent studio musician, working closely with local producer Jim Stafford at Eclipse Recording Studio. There is no flatline to learning for Tony. Between the plateau of his success and his hunger for  learning even more about his instrument, Tony never ceases to continue searching for more. To quote Tony, “I’ve been playing guitar for too long to care to remember how long I’ve been playing.”